Medical Coding and Billing Graduate Success Stories

Career Step Reviews: Ken Sloan, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Ken Sloan
Ken was limited in the types of jobs he could pursue because of health problems, when he discovered a career in medical coding he was able to begin a fulfilling career!
Career Step Reviews: Evelynn McCulloch-Owens, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Evelynn McCulloch-Owens
After working as a dispatcher for nearly 10 years, Evelynn wanted a change. Coding offered advancement opportunities as well as the flexibility to work remotely.
Career Step Reviews: Laura Neidlinger, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Laura Neidlinger
Laura was looking for a new career with advancement opportunities. She discovered medical coding and billing by chance and Career Step turned out to be the perfect opportunity!
Career Step Reviews: Nicole Roden, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Nicole Roden
After working in the printing industry for 7 years, Nicole needed a change. She decided on a career as a medical coder, which has been a perfect fit!
Career Step Reviews: Danielle Blomquist-Jakubik, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Danielle Blomquist-Jakubik
Danielle chose medical coding because she wanted to transition away from direct patient care and have the flexibility to work from home for more time with her sons.
Career Step Reviews: Nicole Turkington, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Nicole Turkington
Nicole was working in education but wanted to make a change. She chose medical coding because of the nationwide shortage and got a job just months after graduation!
Career Step Reviews: Andrea Neske, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Andrea Neske
After 13 years as a pharmacy technician, Andrea wanted a new career that would make good use of her healthcare experience. Medical coding was the perfect next step.
Career Step Reviews: Danita Allen, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Danita Allen
When her position at the hospital was being eliminated, Danita trained as a medical coder so she could transition to a new department.
Career Step Reviews: Marian Cook, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Marian Cook
Career Step helped Marian take the first step in her new career as a medical coder, giving her the knowledge, skills, and support she needed to gain a rewarding career.
Career Step Reviews: Cari Greenwood, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Cari Greenwood
Cari learned that coders had the potential to make a better than average salary, and found that it also allowed her to work from home and be there for her kids.
Career Step Reviews: Debi Hammond, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Debi Hammond
The skills Debi learned in Medical Coding—especially all the real-life practice in the practicum—helped her achieve her goal of passing the CPC exam on the first try.
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