Medical Transcription and Editing

Career Step Reviews: Clare Braham, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Clare Braham
Clare needed an at-home career in order to care for her special needs daughter. After learning about medical transcription on TV, she enrolled with Career Step.
Career Step Reviews: Traci Martin, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Traci Martin
After trying to start a medical transcription career unsuccessfully in the past, Traci tried again with Career Step and was rewarded with a job before she even finished!
Career Step Reviews: Steve Finley, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Steve Finley
Steve spent most his life going from one entry-level job to another, never finding a career that seemed to fit, until he found the Medical Transcription Editing program.
Career Step Reviews: Carly Mortensen, Medical Transcription Program Graduate
Carly Mortensen
Carly felt medical transcription was the perfect fit for young wives and mothers or those whose husbands are in school, and Career Step gave her the training she needed.
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Medical Coding and Billing

Career Step Reviews: Ken Sloan, Medical Coding and Billing Program Graduate
Ken Sloan
Ken was limited in the types of jobs he could pursue because of health problems, when he discovered a career in medical coding he was able to begin a fulfilling career!
Career Step Reviews: Evelynn McCulloch-Owens, Medical Coding and Billing Program Graduate
Evelynn McCulloch-Owens
After working as a dispatcher for nearly 10 years, Evelynn wanted a change. Coding offered advancement opportunities as well as the flexibility to work remotely.
Career Step Reviews: Laura Neidlinger, Medical Coding and Billing Program Graduate
Laura Neidlinger
Laura was looking for a new career with advancement opportunities. She discovered medical coding and billing by chance and Career Step turned out to be the perfect opportunity!
Career Step Reviews: Nicole Roden, Medical Coding and Billing Program Graduate
Nicole Roden
After working in the printing industry for 7 years, Nicole needed a change. She decided on a career as a medical coder, which has been a perfect fit!
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Pharmacy Technician

Career Step Reviews: Gladys Aragon, Pharmacy Technician Program Graduate
Gladys Aragon
Gladys wanted to work in healthcare and was looking for a school that would allow her to study around her busy university class schedule. Career Step proved the perfect fit!
Career Step Reviews: David Wedding, Pharmacy Technician Program Graduate
David Wedding
David used his unemployment retraining funding to cover his tuition as he trained to be a pharmacy technician. Though the job search was tough, it was all worth it.
Career Step Reviews: Maisha Martin, Pharmacy Technician Program Graduate
Maisha Martin
As a newly-divorced, single mother of 2, Maisha needed training that would quickly prepare her for a career that would allow her to support herself and her family.
Career Step Reviews: Brittany Emerine, Pharmacy Technician Program Graduate
Brittany Emerine
As a military spouse, Brittany needed to find a MyCAA-approved school with flexible online training that she could fit around everything else going on in her life.
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Career Step Reviews: Michelle Spoden, Administrative Assistant Program Graduate
Michelle Spoden
Michelle wanted to expand her previous work experience with formal Microsoft Office training, making the Medical Administrative Assistant program a great fit.
Career Step Reviews: Allison Toedebusch, Administrative Assistant Program Graduate
Allison Toedebusch
Allison wanted a career in healthcare but had to go to school around her full-time job. With Career Step she was trained and working in 3 months.
Career Step Reviews: Angelique Garcia, Administrative Assistant Program Graduate
Angelique Garcia
After high school, Angelique wanted a fulfilling and rewarding career that would allow her to help others.
Career Step Reviews: Donna Richardson, Administrative Assistant Program Graduate
Donna Richardson
After being laid off, Donna wasn't sure how her experience would translate to a new job. Turns out her administrative assistant skills qualified her for a number of jobs.
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Career Step Reviews: Rick Amaro, Computer Technician Program Graduate
Rick Amaro
Career Step’s Computer Technician course was an ideal fit when he needed training that could help him advance while he was earning his degree.
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