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Free text books and laptop

You’ll get free textbooks and a FREE laptop when you enroll by November 22!*

Get the training you need to change your future and begin a career you enjoy, and when you enroll by November 22, you’ll get free textbooks worth up to $350. You’ll also get a free laptop or up to $400 off your tuition!

You’ll have to act quickly in order to get your free textbooks. They’re available whether you use a payment plan or not, but the offer will be gone after November 22. If you pay your tuition in full at enrollment, you’ll get the textbooks in addition to a free laptop or up to $400 off.



Get the Most When You Pay Your Tuition at Enrollment
Free Textbooks Free Laptop Tuition Discount
Textbook +LaptoporTuition Discount
What Can You Save if You Choose the Tuition Discount?
Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS $400 off
Healthcare IT Specialist $400 off
Medical Office Manager $400 off
Medical Assistant $400 off
Pharmacy Technician (ASHP) $400 off
Medical Transcription Editor $300 off
Medical Billing $300 off
Veterinary Assisting and Medical Office Administration $300 off
Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR $200 off
Inpatient Auditing* $200 off
Computer Technician $125 off
Executive Assistant $125 off
Veterinary Assistant $125 off
Enroll Online OR
Call 1-800-411-7073

*Some restrictions apply. Click here for details.