My Career Step: Steve Finley

Steve Finley

Steve's Goals

  • Find a career that fit his personality
  • Work in a career that wasn't entry-level
  • Have control over his schedule and income potential

Benefits of his Career Step Education

  • Completed the course at his own pace
  • Found a career that offered flexibility and growth
  • Enjoyed a life-changing experience

Searching for a New Career

For most of my life, I have struggled to find a job that was a good fit for me, never knowing what career to go for and always working any entry-level job I could get. I never found a job that was a great fit for me, and I even had the frustration of losing a number of those jobs due to some personal issues, putting me right back where I started. I was in my mid-30s and still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had many conversations with friends about what my talents and interests were and what I should possibly train for, but nothing solid ever really came up. I then lost yet another job and hit a really low point.

Discovering Career Step

Desperate for a job—any job—I searched for anything I could apply for. It was then that I found a classified ad online that led me to Career Step, and everything changed. The ad was intriguing. It mentioned an orientation at the local community college and offered a free laptop for signing up. I called the college to ask about it and verified that it was a legitimate event. I ended up going to the orientation. Representatives from Career Step had flown in, and they presented us with an orientation of the Career Step program—I liked what I heard and signed up. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Choosing Medical Transcription

This was a good opportunity for me because I already had a medical background with a degree in surgical technology. Given my background and interest in typing, working on the computer, and working at home, this was the perfect opportunity. I enrolled in the Medical Transcription Editor program instead of the regular Medical Transcription program because I wanted the voice recognition training in addition to straight typing so I would be skilled in both areas.

I worked a few jobs while going through the MTE program, so my progress was a bit slow. I also took a few months off to handle some personal matters. In all, it took me a little over a year and a half to finish. It was nice to be able to work at my own pace, and the program is very well structured. I was determined to graduate with high honors, so I put in the work to accomplish that. Sure enough, I achieved that goal, though not without difficulty. There were times when I was going through the course—especially the practicum portion—when I wanted to give up and had decided this just wasn’t for me. I even told my family and friends that I can’t do this. But despite my reservations, I stuck it out and finished the program—and I am so glad I did!

Starting A New Career

I did a great deal of research while going through the program in order to be ready to find and take a position that would be best for me after graduation. I read posts in the forums and asked many questions. I had two job offers within four weeks of graduating. One was typing for a clinic and the other was a hospital account. The clinic account position came from an email alert from Career Step. I responded to that and immediately sent my resume to the company. Out of all the applicants, I was hired!

I was hired by a great company and now work as an independent contractor; I can now choose my own hours, work in my PJs, leave for appointments or errands whenever I need to, sleep in every day (I choose to work late), and work as much as I want to. If I want to earn more, I simply put in more hours. I’m not on a time clock where I have to punch in and out. I love having this control over my income and my time.

I am now working in a career I love, and I am earning a good income. I don’t even consider it to be work—it’s just something I greatly enjoy and that I get paid to do. This career is a great fit for my personality and working at home is a dream come true. I finally found that elusive career my friends and I always talked about all these years.

I’ve been a transcriptionist for over two years now and love it more every day. I cannot recommend Career Step training enough. It changed my life in a big way!

Steve Finley
Missoula, MT

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