My Career Step: Nicole Roden

Nicole Roden

Nicole's Goals

  • Train for a career she loved
  • Work in an industry that was challenging
  • Work from home while providing for her family

Benefits of Her Career Step Education

  • Affordable education
  • Online classes allowed her to continue going to school, even with moving twice
  • Passed the CCA certification the first time

Choosing a New Career

I graduated high school with technical training and jumped right into working in the printing industry. After about 7 years, I realized I needed a change. I researched and discussed with my family what occupation would be a good fit for me and ultimately decided I wanted to train for a career as a medical coder. I found Career Step through the AHIMA website and enrolled in December of 2012.

Training and Earning My CCA

Not long after I began the program, my husband and I decided to relocate back to our home state of Vermont, and I found a full time position as a Practice Support Specialist at our local hospital. Due to 2 moves, buying our first home, and working full time, the program ended up taking 20 months to finish—but it was SO worth it! I was extremely nervous to take the final exam, but I passed the first time and was able to obtain my CCA certification within two weeks of graduation.

Turning My Education into a Job

I am hoping to transfer to a coding position within my local hospital, which I have been told is planning to add more coding positions within the next 8-18 months. In the meantime, I am currently enrolled in the ICD-10 FastTrack course to further my coding education and prepare for the 2015 switch over to ICD-10.

Two years ago I never imagined I would be a Certified Coding Associate! Through Career Step’s affordable online training, I gained a quality education as well as experience. I have grown as a professional, and I am so thankful for my supportive family as well as guidance from Career Step. I love the challenge of a career in medical coding, which is ever growing and changing. I hope to one-day work from home and devote more time to volunteering as a Bible teacher, while having a job I love and being able to provide for my family.

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