My Career Step: Michelle Spoden

Michelle Spoden

Michelle's Goals

  • Improve her office skills
  • Find a job she could love
  • Advance her career

Benefits of her Career Step Education

  • Flexibility to work part-time and attend to her family
  • Networking and support through the forums and instructors
  • Gained employment before she even completed the program

Choosing Medical Administrative Assisting

My past employment included jobs where I worked in an office setting. When I decided to go back to school I wanted to find a program that would help me to improve my office skills and give me formal training in Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

I researched schools online and by phone and spoke with several school counselors before making a decision. The criteria that mattered most to me were: cost, time to complete the program, credibility, flexibility, a sense I could be successful in the program, and time to continue working part-time and fulfill my responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Career Step’s Medical Administrative Assistant program met all my criteria, and I was impressed by the numerous positive reviews I read online—everywhere I looked online people had nothing but great things to say about the program. When my sister completed the Medical Transcription program and was offered a job just 3 weeks after she graduated, I was convinced!

Studying with Career Step

Studying fit perfectly into my daily life. The program is so well designed in allowing students to work on it at absolutely any time. Some days or weeks I had a lot of time I could devote and other days/weeks I had much smaller chunks of time. It was perfect for me that I could seize the opportune times as I had them and complete the program as it worked for me within the 6 month given time limit.

A big source of support for me while I was in the program were the forums and student support. The forums were a wonderful tool because they allowed me to chat with other students, and we could all share tips and support with each other as we were working through the course. I also contacted the student support advisors anytime I was stuck on something.

As in any new endeavor, going through the program took time and patience. At certain points in the course, the material didn’t come easily, my brain struggled to put it all together, and I wondered if I was ever going to be done. But I always felt I could reach out and ask for help through the forums or student support, and I never failed to be impressed with how helpful and patient everyone was with me. I really enjoyed the knowledge I was gaining and the success I experienced putting my new skills into practice.

Finding a Job and Becoming Certified

While I was going through the program, I signed up for several job posting alerts and actively searched various job sites. I was in my third month of the program when I heard about a Medical Administrative Assistant position opening at a local long term care facility. I applied for the position and about 4 weeks later was offered the job! I completed the last 2 months of the program while working in the field, which made the coursework even more relevant and easier to understand. I also took the national exam and am now a NHA Certified Medical Administrative Assistant!

Now, I am continuing my training through Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing program.  It’s a natural fit to expand my role and responsibilities in my current position. Career Step gave me the education, skills, and tools I needed to gain my first job as a medical administrative assistant as well as build my confidence, wisdom, and ability to do my job well from day one. Career Step exceeded all of my expectations. They set up my foundation for my continued career success, and they’re a fierce competitor when it comes to online education—an excellent value for the money spent!

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