My Career Step: Danielle Blomquist-Jakubik

Danielle Blomquist-Jakubik

Danielle's Goals

Benefits of Her Career Step Education

  • Online flexibility to go at her own pace
  • Prepared to earn her CPC credential
  • Trained and working in just over a year

I just wanted to tell my fellow coding students that with hard work, good things will happen.  Trust in the program and trust in yourself. 

Why I Chose Medical Coding and Career Step

I began consider a career as a medical coder because I was already working in healthcare and I wanted to remain in the field. However, I wanted to get out of direct patient care as well as the flexibility to work from home since I have two young children. I wanted to get them on and off the bus and being at home would cut down on the time they would spend in daycare. Coding allowed me to stay in the medical field and offered the chance to make a decent salary.

I wanted a training program that would be affordable and let me go at my own pace. I decided to study with Career Step because the tuition was affordable, they were AHIMA affiliated, and I could study on the schedule that worked for me. Career Step also came recommended by a neighbor who had friends who had studied with Career Step and launched successful careers with that education.

Completing the Training Program

I worked through the coding program having to balance my time studying, being a mommy of two young boys, a wife, and a casual employee at a nearby hospital. I often felt tired because the best time for me to study was after I put my boys to bed.  That often meant late nights studying and having to get up in the mornings to care for them. If I had to study during the day or early evening, my boys would ask, “Mommy, do you have to study today?”  My response was always, “Yes I do, but after I am done with school, I will get a good job and be able to buy you more toys.”  That would always satisfy them for the time being.  It was hard for me to tell them numerous times that I couldn’t play because I had to study, but I always told myself that getting done and finding a job would be the best for my family in the long run. 

I averaged a work schedule of 1-2 days per week of various shifts. I could work days one day and nights the next day. We couldn’t afford for me to be a full time student, so I still needed to make money. Balancing that time was stressful, but I knew it would only be temporary. 

There are many emotions you feel working through the coding program: stress because you have to balance your studies with family/job/children, feeling tired and burnt out because the program is difficult.  All those emotions will be a blip in time once you are done.  DON’T give up, just keep plugging away.

While I was in the program I participated in everything: chats, forums, and emailing the instructors. Toward the end of the program, I found another student who was at about the same point I was. We began emailing back and forth about school, studying for the final and CPC together, and helping each other get ready for our job search. I found this very helpful because she could relate to things I was dealing with and vice versa. If you can find someone at the same place as you—reach out to them!

Looking back on the program, I thought it was great.  It was difficult and challenging in a good way.  I was able to pass the final with honors, pass the CPC exam on the first attempt, and find a job within a month of completing the program.

I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life and I have Career Steps to thank!!

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