My Career Step: Clare Braham

Clare Braham

Clare's Goals

  • Work at home so she could care for her daughter
  • Work for a company that was reputable
  • Work for a company that would allow her a flexible schedule

Benefits of her Career Step Education

  • Had help from forums and counselors
  • Prepared for all types of medical dictations
  • Hired within a month of graduating

Discovering Medical Transcription

My background is secretarial, office management, and I even had a children’s book published, but I had absolutely zero knowledge of the medical field. My children are grown, but our youngest daughter, who we adopted from Korea, has a progressive neurological disorder. Our daughter’s condition made it necessary for me to explore career options that would allow me to work from home for a solid, dependable, and reputable company.  After watching a segment on Good Morning America on medical transcription, I thought it would be a good fit for my life situation.

Choosing Career Step & Beginning My Studies

As I researched schools that offered training in medical transcription, Career Step kept standing out as the best school to train for my new career. I was nervous to start the course because it had been many years since I had been in school or had taken any tests, but the course is set up for you to succeed—I had not set foot in a classroom or taken a course in more years than I care to mention. Career Step provided all the reference materials, textbooks, and counselors to help with my questions. No question was too small, and they were there to assist me at any time.

I worked at my own pace—first learning the medical terminology and a basic overview of specialties—and after each chapter I would test, retest if needed, and keep track of my progress online. The course was designed to help students master the medical portion of the training before beginning the transcriptions, which was so helpful because then when I listened to dictations the information was familiar to me.

Students are required to do hundreds of actual transcriptions that varied from doctors with foreign accents, no accents, quiet and noisy rooms, basically every conceivable type of dictation. This was extremely helpful because it gave me actual experience with the most difficult dictations while taking the course—making sure I was ready to start working after graduation. Quizzes were given throughout the course, and there was also a final exam. Even though I felt prepared, I was very nervous about taking the final exam, but I passed and graduated with honors! I worked on the course a few hours each day and completed it in about 6 months. 

Starting a New Career

The training at Career Step MORE than prepared me for the employment testing, and after I took the final, everything was very familiar to me. Career Step was helpful as I was finding a job. They gave me with a list of companies that hire transcriptionists as well as the specifics of the position—whether it was part-time, full-time, or a work from home job. I was pleasantly surprised when a potential employer said they normally required 2 years of experience but would waive that stipulation for a Career Step graduate—they knew we were very well trained!

Ultimately, I found the forum to be the best way to find employment. I posted that I was looking for a medical transcription job and that I was new Career Step graduate. Within a day I was hired by a company that was a perfect fit for my situation! I could work from home with flexibility, which was very important to me. I have now worked as a transcriptionist for 5 years for the same company—anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love this work and that I should have started years earlier!

Studying with Career Step was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The training is set up for you to succeed, and by taking advantage of all they offer you cannot go wrong! I would recommend Career Step to anyone, and I have done so many, many times.

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