My Career Step: Carly Mortensen

Carly Mortensen

Carly's Goals

  • Support her husband while he was in school
  • Invest in an education that would result in a better job
  • Find a career that would offer family flexibility later on

Benefits of her Career Step Education

  • Online format that let her study around her work schedule
  • Training that prepared her with hands-on experience for the workplace
  • Graduate resources that helped her land a job 2 weeks after graduation

Choosing Medical Transcription

I am a young wife, and my husband and I were both attending Brigham Young University in Idaho. With my major, I wouldn’t have graduated until a year after my husband, but I knew I would want to have kids before that point, so I decided to just get a General Associate degree. Well, during the first semester of just generals, I felt like I was wasting my time, energy, and, most importantly, our money on a degree that wouldn’t necessarily get me a better job than the one I had working in a clothing store at the mall. But I wanted to be able to get a good job so my husband could quit his job and focus completely on school, internships, and volunteer hours.

My sister works at Career Step, and my mother started the Medical Transcription program a few years ago. As I was talking to them about my situation, they both suggested I think about transcription. Medical transcription would allow me to earn enough to support us so my husband could focus on school, and it would also allow me to work at home—giving me flexibility now and if I want to work later on after we have kids. Since I was sick of my classes, I decided to quit school and enroll.

Studying with Career Step

I started the program early in March of 2012. I was working part time while taking this course, so I was able to work on the course part time as well. It was great to be able to study whenever was convenient for me. I loved not having deadlines except for my own; and, in the end, even though it took me a few months longer than I had originally intended, I went from enrollment to graduation in just 8 months. 

I knew I was going with Career Step from the moment I made the decision to pursue a medical transcription career because I had heard from my sister how great of a school Career Step was. After taking the course myself I completely agree. Career Step’s program is set up perfectly. It prepares you for the final exam and employment all along the way with little quizzes and tests to help you remember the material. I never used the forums, but I was on the Career Step Facebook page quite a bit and found it VERY helpful because not only did I get instant help and support from an adviser but also from current students and graduates as well. I felt like I was part of a supportive community, and my Career Step education definitely played a major role in my ability to gain employment.

Finding Employment After Graduation

Overall, finding employment was fairly simple. I graduated at the end of November 2012 and was hired in mid-December. I used the employee list provided by Career Step and applied/sent my resume to all the companies I qualified for. About 2 weeks after graduation, I was hired, and I started my new job January 1!

Once I started working, I realized even more how perfectly the Career Step program is set up because you learn the right way to be a transcriptionist and editor with all of the real reports that you practice on. I was able to jump right in to my new job and get out of my training period faster than expected.

I definitely would, and do, recommend Career Step to others. I have referred 3 friends to the program because this career is perfect for young wives and mothers who want to make money from home or whose husbands are in school, limiting their ability to work. Hands down, Career Step is the best choice for getting medical transcription training.

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