My Career Step: Brittany Emerine

Brittany Emerine

Brittany's Goals

Benefits of Her Career Step Education

  • Graduate support helped her get through a difficult module
  • Externship provided hands on experience

Why I Chose Career Step

My husband and I were married in 2011. Six months later he was serving in Afghanistan, and I was living in Florida with my parents while he was gone. My husband came home for two weeks of leave and told me I seemed to be drifting a bit and that I should find something a little more fulfilling to fill my days. So I decided to look into going back to school.

I knew that living in Florida was only temporary and that once I moved I would be working full-time, so I was a little at a loss as to how to change my situation. It was during this time that I learned about Career Step.

I had always been interested in the medical field, and I even attended a high school that focused on healthcare. I noticed that Career Step had a Pharmacy Technician program, and with my familiarity with medical terminology and past experience in customer service it was just a natural fit. When I learned all the coursework was entirely online and self-paced, I knew Career Step was the perfect fit for my life. I also really liked that there was an externship available so I could get more hands-on experience. Career Step was also very affordable compared to the other online programs I was looking at.

Career Step was my top choice because they are a MyCAA-approved school. As a military spouse, I was eligible for the MyCAA grant, which covered the entire cost of the program—including books and materials.

Studying with Career Step

Since I was working full-time, I spent most nights studying. In the middle of the program, my husband came home from Afghanistan, and I stepped away for a month while he settled into our life again. It was great that I could jump right back into the program without having to worry about anything.

I experienced highs and lows in going through the program. I was familiar with medical terminology and other aspects of the program, so I moved quickly through these portions of the course and spent more time on the modules that didn’t come as easy to me. Once I reached Pharmaceutical Calculations I felt a little defeated because math has never been an easy subject for me. I called numerous times to speak with the instructors and spent many nights studying, but I finally got through the module. I was relieved and felt very accomplished that I didn’t give up. After I completed the program, I became a licensed pharmacy technician in the state of Georgia.

Working for Career Step

I would definitely recommend Career Step to military spouses and anyone that has a busy schedule. Career Step offered me what many institutions could not—flexibility and mobility. I could work on my program when I wanted and where I wanted, and my success was not limited in any way. These programs are the perfect solution to anyone that needs a good paying, reliable career sooner than later.

When I began my training with Career Step I was looking for a career I could take with me no matter where we moved with the military. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, my husband left the military shortly after I graduated and we moved to Utah—where Career Step is based. Studying with Career Step helped me so much that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for a company that is so dedicated to helping students change their lives for the better. I am now a Career Step Academic Advisor. I work specifically with military spouses and love it because I remember being in their shoes. I absolutely recommend Career Step’s programs to military spouses and everyone else because I’ve seen the difference our programs can make in my own life.

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