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Career Step Style Guide

Career Step Style Guide

Please refer to the Career Step Style Guide for guidance on brand messaging, look and feel, logo use, and more. Specific resource in the style guide include word studies, word frames, tone and voice instructions, logo standards and guidelines, image studies, and branding examples.

Career Step Logos

Specific rules apply to the use of these logos. Please consult the Brand & Identity section of the style guide (pages 23-34) for standards and usage. For versions not available on this page, please contact Marketing.

From the Style Guide page 23...

Sizing: The logo should not appear larger than 4" wide in most applications, excluding billboards and other large signage. The logo should never appear smaller than 2.5" wide for legibility reasons when used with the tagline and no smaller than 1" when used without the tagline.

Tagline Use: In all instances where the tagline will be legible the logo version with the tagline should be used. The version without the tagline should be used if the tagline is lost to surrounding information (e.g. the return address on the company stationery set); however, default to the version with the tagline when in doubt.

Career Step Company / Parent Logo:

Career Step Company / Parent Logo with No Tagline:

Career Step Direct Division:

Career Step Academic Partner Division:

Career Step Professional Training Division:

Code3 CME:


Career Step Typography

Please note that you will only need to download Gotham Book, Bold, and Medium from this zip file. The IT team is currently working on installing the Gotham font on all company computers. The font is provided here simply as a resource should you need it for any other reason.

Career Step Templates

When using the PowerPoint template, if you right click on any slide and select Layout you will see 19 different options you can use and customize to fit your specific needs.

Career Step PowerPoint Template

Career Step Email Signature

Please use this standard email signature on your company communications. All of the text should be black, and the font should always be Arial. The "m" line for mobile phone is included in the example, but it is not a mandatory part of the signature; however, if you do not include this line, please remove the "o" label that precedes your office number. If you have a customer-facing role, please include the Like Us on Facebook image.

Career Step Email Signature Example
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